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NTV 600 Revere Loaded with camping equipment set against a spanish desert

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Latest Posts

Sharon's Biking Blog Rhona said :-
Hi Sharon it's really nice to read your blog as I feel I can relate to how you feel/felt about riding! I have just recently passed my CBT and have just put a deposit down on a CBF 125. I am fairly small and not particularly strong so worry often about dropping the bike or just struggling with it in general. As all the people I know with bikes are male no one else shares this worry! Before going out on roads and using it for commuting to work I am definitely just going to practice as much as possible in car parks etc. How long did it take you to become comfortable with your 125? Any advice really appreciated ! Thanks, Rhona

When Is A Biker Not A Biker Tom McQuiggan said :-
Thanks :-) I was explaining to some the other night that I've not suddenly become scared of bikes - I would very happily jump on a Fireblade tomorrow - on a track day - and have a real good time, but it feels like my road-riding days are over. I'm surprised at how little I'm missing it! The worst bit is not being able to go places without getting stuck on queues and having to find parking spaces :-)

Greasy Roads Damien said :-
That thing with the oil is scary! I never thoght of it like this until I saw the pix.

E2 Motorcycles Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Tony

Speed Demon in Atherton are well into their 2 strokes. Not so near to you but close enough.

E2 Motorcycles Tony said :-
Can anybody recommend a motorcycle mechanic near bury having trouble starting my rd 400 , no spark
Regards tony

E2 Motorcycles Gazmania said :-
Why do you think he targets the learner market. The very people whom need help and advice are all denied from source. He lives in a very big house with a fine stable of cars and bikes. He only wants your money , its like stealing from the young and infirm....

Review of the Yamaha Fazer FZS 600 - By Ren Withnell Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Bob

The idea of off-roading on the Fazer is...well...peculiar. Any machine can go off road a little, I read a report once about the off roading merits of the Harley Davidson 883 sportster! As you say I wouldn't like the ground clearance and I'd find the geometry a little twitchy on anything slippy like mud. It's a heavy beast too so be slithering around on.

Can't imagine it does much for the bike's condition but they're meant to be ridden not kept pristine. Enjoy the ride on or off road!

Beddgelert 2011 - Going Home bob said :-

Review of the Yamaha Fazer FZS 600 - By Ren Withnell Bob said :-
And another thing, I've started green lane riding on mine. It's fine, just be aware of the limited ground clearance.
Compared to my BMW X Country that I had for 2 years obviously the Fazer isn't as good off road, but I've been everywhere on the Fazer that the BMW went and when the trail finishes the BMW never used to catapult me up to the ton like the Fazer does!
What a superb machine.

Fazer 600 Oil and Filter Change - Problem - By Ren Withnell Bob said :-
You're overfilling in the first instance. Once the old oil is out and the filter and sump are buttoned back up, pour in fresh oil and let it settle. Fill to the BOTTOM of the sight glass.
Run it up and let it get warm, rev it a bit. Shut off leave 1 minute then top up to the line.

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