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Test Ride Review Of The CRF 250 L - By Ren Withnell Ren - The Ed said :-
I've seen a few folks taking this bike on their "Big Trip" I still have a big soft spot for this bike but I keep on running into the same problem each time I think of getting one and hacking it for some serious miles...the tank!

It's good for around 100 miles. That's fine for commuting but there's places even here in the UK, the Scottish Highlands, where 100 miles just won't be enough. Imagine then you're in a foreign country, in a remote area and no knowledge of where the next fuel could be found?

It needs a 14 litre tank just to avoid spending all your time looking for fuel. Ideally a 20 litre option would be lovely.

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
I can imagine purchasing and importing a CBF 125 from India will be hard work! I'd be intrigued to see how you get on if either of you manage it. Good luck.

The Honda Wave 110i is, as far as I can tell, the successful successor to the inimitable C90 Cub. The main advantage is the motor is "interchangeable" with countless Chinese, Taiwanese and other engines. Pit bike engines....C90 engines...the list would be endless. Parts wouldn't be an issue too.

My main dislike about the Wave is just like the C90 it's got a tiny piddling tank. I know they're economical but I reckon 100 miles max before another dribble is required in a petrol station. Hell in the UK some places might not even serve you with less than 5 litres. If Honda would fit a larger tank (7 litres would do) then I think I'd get one tomorrow...

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ben said :-

Re Purchasing a Honda in India.

I have done some research online, and apparently you may have to own it before you can export it.

There maybe additional tax to pay when you do bring it over as its coming from outside the EEC

I will look into it when I get some time...

Does anyone know anything about the Honda Wave 110i?


Test Ride Review Of The CRF 250 L - By Ren Withnell James Knight said :-
I bought one after selling my Street Triple R (the best all round road bike ever imho) because I wanted dirt cheap motoring here in Jersey, Channel Islands and it does that perfectly.

With regards to the handling on dirt tyres- It's something that takes a little adjustment. At first I didn't trust them much, but now the scuffs on my boots and pegs will attest to the fact that you can really throw this little bike around on the stock knobblies. I often ride little off road tracks and driveways and its perfect for that.

I race motocross so the riding position feels like home to me. It's the perfect position for city riding but like all trail bikes, useless on the motorway.

It would be nice to have another 5bhp which is easily done with an exhaust and PCIII but that would be defeating the point of buying it in the first place. Its a simple, cheap, reliable commuter which can also handle the rough stuff.

If you want to rack up miles consider the CBR250/300 which uses the same engine.

There are several riders attempting RTW trips on these bikes which is a testament to their reliability and ability

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Garvin Timmann said :-
I am just about to purchase a new Honda CBF125, so looking up what costs direct from India is appealing to me, £600 is cheap compared to £2700

The Green Dragon (Hardraw) Campsite Review Ren - The Ed said :-
It was you Phil! Thing is I know everything is an opinion, there will be some people out there who think the Green Dragon is simply the bees knees. I'd welcome those points of view as well as my not too impressed thought.

Anyhow, glad you had a great weekend, and I hope you're leg's not too painful.

(FYI dear reader, Phil had a stray car try to knock him off. He'll survive he's just miffed the driver didn't bother to stop...)

The Green Dragon (Hardraw) Campsite Review Phil said :-
I believe it me that recommended the Green Dragon
I agree with all your comments, however I was with a group of guys from work and we only used it as a base for riding in to the lakes etc, and suited our needs bed and pub. one of our group thinks he is Bear Grylls so he was over the moon that we had running water, note we don't let him pick camp sites any more

Staying Warm Through The Winter On Your Motorbike - By Ren Withnell Ben said :-

Dave, Re keeping you midriff warm?

Try an Kidney Belt. You can pick one up very cheaply on Ebay

I wear a cotton Balaclava, a Thermal Polo neck top, thermal body warmer, HG All seasons Jacket, Thermal Scarf, A High viz Waterproof/Windproof Jacket, thermal long johns ( a courier mate of mine recommended ladies tights (NOT STOCKINGS!!)) a HG All season trousers (or you can get some Ski Salopets), thermal socks, Boots, Silk inner gloves, Leather HG Gortex gloves and Handlebar muffs

Mark, If you are in Germany/Holland, HG seem to have larger sizes. I have XXL gloves from them (bought in the UK before they ceased trading here)


Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Ben.

Yes I've seen the Ryno, it looks like a very curious and fun bit of kit! I kind of think it's more aimed at the Segway type of user rather than motorcyclists but I bet it'll be a hoot to play on.

There's something up with your 250 for sure. My Benly 200 would easily cruise at 60 all day long and keep up with 125's, 250's and so on.

The CBF does have this 2,500 mile service interval with the valve check. I...I check mine every 10,000 miles and I've hardly touched them. I reckon 2,500 miles for the first few checks while everything beds in then leave 'em a bit longer. Mind you, to keep the warranty from Honda it will all have to be done properly and to the book otherwise they'll not play ball if you've got any problems.

I WISH, I HOPE AND I PRAY for someone to make a Diesel motorcycle! 500cc, about 25bhp, simple, basic, slow revving and reliable. Indian Enfield did one ages back, a 300 or 350cc dumper truck motor. It was slow, yes, but it was reliable and returned almost 200 mpg apparently.

The electric cycles are very good these days but most seem to have a 25 mile range. Your 28 mile commute would mean a little extra effort at the end of the ride and you'd have to be able to recharge at work. The tech is improving all the time though, it'll come to you soon enough.

Cheers, Ren.

Long Term Honda CBF 125 Review Ben said :-
Hi Ren,

Thanks for that.

Yes its a CB250 Nighthawk. Hardly any power (I wonder if its restricted?) But its great, economical to run and can be used in the rain/snow/Ice when bigger bikes I see on my daily commute suddenly disappear until the sun comes out!!. Its like riding a motorised push bike!!

I should be okay with a 125 as I used one for my motorbike DAS.

The K75S is a Great narrow machine, but for commuting, with London's pot holes I have to be very careful. It comes with me mainly at weekends(for Insurance purposes £102 fully comp ins for both bikes with a £250 x's)

I plan to test ride one very soon.The thing that puts me off the CBF125 is having to adjust the tappets EVERY 2500? miles!!!

As for the warranty, Honda should cover that. Most reputable manufacturers give a world wide warranty nowadays.

I was thinking of an Diesel or even an electric bike/bicycle for commuting as many of the cyclists that I see at the traffic lights soon catch up with me when i am stopped at the next set, then I wouldn't have to worry about MPG :).

Have you seen the one wheel electric MB capable of approx 600mpg equivalent?. Check out Ryno Motors

I look forward to your updates on the CBF125


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