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Thoughts On The CBF 125 Ren - The Ed said :-
I don't know how you're riding your bike Monk but I get 300 miles before I have to fill up my tank! Try using 3rd, 4th and 5th gears!

It might be because it is new and not fully run in yet.

Thoughts On The CBF 125 Monk (AKA Hugo) said :-
Hallo Ben,

Interesting that you are looking at a smaller engined bike. Nevertheless, my sense is that the CBF 125 is definitely the way to go.

In my limited experience, of my bike, and riding in genral, I can safely say that after 6 months, of careful riding, I have had nothing but fun from the bike. I don't go too far and have only done 412 miles on her but it's always been comfortable.

Maybe take one for a test ride and see what you think.

The bike, as Ren has said, is seriously fuel effecient, with a full tank costing around £15.00 and probably doing a shade of 125 miles, maybe more, on a tank.

The downside, for me at least, is the silly plastic fairings and tiny little, almost not there 'windscreen', other than that a lovely little bike which I thoroughly enjoy. Good luck with your search.

All the best,


Thoughts On The CBF 125 Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Ben.

If you read around the blog or use the search tool at the top of the page you can see I''ve written quite a lot about the CBF 125.

Known issues are "kangarooing" when hot, fuel pump. Occasionally clutch basket gear rings crack, a slower than engine revs "click" at tickover. Early models came with "TVS" tyres which are terrible.

BUT!!! This is the best selling motorcycle in the UK. Many thousands are sold and they are considered very reliable indeed. They are very fuel efficient and cheap to run. Being common there are lots of aftermarket spares and parts in breakers. I find mine very comfortable on my 25 to 40 miles commutes.

Still, the 1996 CB 250 was also a great bike :-)

Thoughts On The CBF 125 Ben said :-
Hi there,

I am looking to get rid of my 1996 CB250 and get a CBF125. Its going to be used purley for my daily commute of approx 26-28 miles round trip.

Are there any common problems with these bikes that you can summarize?


Brief Ride On A Honda Innova 125 - By Ren Withnell Ibrahim nazim said :-
I need my motor cycle speedmeter low milage

France, Germany And Belgium 2012 – A Day In Ambleteuse Ren - The Ed said :-
Cheers Vinny. A year later the gf and I visited the museum on another trip. You're right though I should have gone.

France, Germany And Belgium 2012 – A Day In Ambleteuse Vinny said :-
You should have gone to the museum, well worth a look.

Long Term CBF 250 Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Sean.

If I do set off on a big trip it will be on a 125 or less. The 250 serves it's function as 2-up transport, a plaything and a work hack when the 125 is in need of repair. It's a smashing bike but the fuel runs at 80-odd mpg which is OK but nothing compared to the 125's 140 mpg. That's a big saving over many miles.

I am not spending any money on a new front wheel until I can get the blooming blinking accursed tickover sorted! I'm beginning to suspect because the valves were tight when I bought it that there's a oh-so-tiny leak on one of the valves in which case I'll have to remove the head and lap the valves. If that sorts it THEN I'll buy it a shiny new front wheel.

Good to hear from you :-)

Long Term CBF 250 Review Sean said :-
Do yourself a favour Ren and buy a used front wheel to sort out the warping problem, I bet there as cheap as chips.
Looks like a right nice little bike, get your RTW trip organised !
I suspect the 250 to 500 market will be the big growth area this year.
Regards Sean

Delightful Yorkshire Dales Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Austin. I think you sir for you kind words. Firstly I guess you mean www.bigtrailie.co.uk as there's no ".org.uk"? Secondly I haven't got a big trailie and I don't have any designs for a big trailie. A small one perhaps but not a big one. I'd feel like an intruder, an interloper.

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