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CBF 125 Fuel Pump Removed Sameer said :-
hy there, thanks ,the topic was very helpful as m having same problem and wanted to know if i could replace my cbf 125 2010 fuel pump with some other bike pump if it does works as cbf 125 fuel pump is sealed and once blocked u cant really do anythng, thanks

Scotland, 1300 miles on a 125cc JDV said :-
Great read Shar.................it really goes to show that a relaxed rider is a better rider


Ride To The Wall 2013 Julie said :-
Great pictures!! We find it a very emotional day. Ready for October 4th

Hot And Cold Malcolm X said :-
It's been a good summer pal. Just re-reading this you gotta know we've had a good one. And you wanted camping on a twisty road, well it seems you got your wish this year. Lets hope next year is even better!

Yamaha MT07 "Darkside" Review Paul said :-
Pretty much my take on the bike after a brief ride. The seat is absolute crap and i would be lucky to tolerate for 1 hour. This bike is all about the motor. I agree that this motor is looking for a better type of bike. Some lightweight, more 'normal' fared or un-fared bike or even a dirt bike. What i would have given to have this motor in my off-road bikes from years past.

CBF 250 - My New Bike! Dave said :-
No problem... looks a bit daunting from what I've seen on the internet so far but things are always a lot easier once you've got the thing in bits and on the workbench. I'll try to video all of the jobs as I do them over the winter.
Funny little bike really, super addictive... I bought it as a cheap knackered runabout while I stripped my TDM down, now it's my only bike.. I just wish it had a bit more engine capacity to help on the motorway without having to go to the complexity of a watercooled twin like the '500.

CBF 250 - My New Bike! Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Dave

I've never put in new valve seats either! Tell you what though, I'd love you to send me some pictures and images and maybe some details when you do it all. I'd love to add it to the website for other readers!

CBF 250 - My New Bike! Dave said :-
Hello all, I'm struggling to find a good resource of parts and info on the cbf250, so thanks for sharing this. I too ride it all year and have come to terms with its many "features". One thing new to me is the start of what sounds like knock / detonation. I bought the bike with zero exhaust valve clearance from a mate who is religiously averse to maintenance, and when I reshimmed it, I noticed that there is some valve and seat damage. 10k later, I'm starting to hear a bit of detonation with full throttle... I'm going to take it off the road to do a load of winter work anyway - calipers, replace the rusty downpipe etc, etc. so I was tempted to sort out the head... but I've never put new valve seats in. Any advice?

Christmas Peace D Walton said :-
I love to ride on Christmas day. Like you say the roads are empty. Far better than sitting around with spoilt children breaking new toys.

Pounds To Derian Daisy said :-
A very worthy cause, the staff at Derian house are second to none, I have met a few of them and as you have said there is no sadness, or sorrow just a warm welcome and an upbeatness and strength that can only come from such special people,
What is sad is that Derian House have to rely on charities to donate for them to remain open and give these children the happiest of times if only for a a shory while; there is no government funding!
Well done to all of you that took part in this years fun day xx Hats off to you all xx

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