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CBF 250 Cam Chain Rattle - SOLVED! Latchy said :-
Blimey Nate, sorry you have not got to the bottom of it yet. I hope you get an answer to the rattle and post back on here as to what is causing the noise.

Perhaps I'm Not So Tough. Davie said :-
Hi Ren
That's a pity you had to cut your trip short,I thought you were tougher than that,lol.Charlie Boorman wouldn't have turned back..lol
Only joking of course,I still think your mad.You'll be glad your home,best place in this weather.Thanks for responding.I'll keep checking your site to see what your up to.
Meantime all the best.

Perhaps I'm Not So Tough. Ren - The Ed said :-
Davie! You know I never thought you'd actually read the site. I'm back home now, had to cut the trip short because of the impending bad weather. Next time I'm "ooop north" you can make me a brew :-) Great to hear from you, keep in touch.

Perhaps I'm Not So Tough. Davie said :-
Hi ren,met you at southwaite services on Saturday while you were in for a heat,I take my hat off to you heading up north,and you must be mad camping lol.Hope the weather is kind to you matey.you have an interesting blog also.
You take care on they roads up north,roll on the spring to I get out on mine.nice to have met you and all the best.



Perhaps I'm Not So Tough. Latchy said :-
Bad weather passed? Not up in Scotland it hasn't mate, I've seen it for myself training with the army in the 80s

CBF 250 Cam Chain Rattle - SOLVED! Daf said :-
I'd say it's most likely that either the chain's a tooth out, or that it's badly worn... has the bike had a lubrication failure/really dirty oil in it at some point? That could account for it.

The other possibility is that it's some other part of the engine... Starter sprag clutch and the transmission clutch centre bushing/release bearing are usual suspects on these engines. Could be main bearings if you're really unlucky.

CBF 250 Cam Chain Rattle - SOLVED! Ren - The Ed said :-
Hmmmmmm Nate...that don't sound right at all. Both Steve and myself had to just take up the slack, no pressure, barely even finger tight. It's possible the camchain is very tired or there's something else amiss.

Check you're not a tooth out on the timing. It might be worth changing the camchain. It may be worth stripping the motor to really get to the nub of the matter. How many miles has it got on the clock?

CBF 250 Cam Chain Rattle - SOLVED! Nate said :-
well I put the engine back in and made the cam chain tensioner manual. tightening the cam chain did reduce the noise but I had to really over tighten it and the bike started struggling.

Review of the BMW F650 GS - By Simon Walters Ben said :-
Hi Simon

Great review

I have a BMW K75S and a Honda Cb250.

I use the Honda most days as the BMW is a little bit big and expensive for my 28 mile round trip to Central London.

The CB is great to use in ALL weather and road conditions, snow/ice/rain etc and it gives me approx 350 + miles between fill ups (plus no expensive oil filter :) )

I find the CB easier to ride around town as I can get through gaps easier!!

Happy riding

France, Germany And Belgium 2012 – Even More Pictures Again Ren - The Ed said :-
I'm glad you enjoyed the story Wayne. I generally take a 3 man tent now even when I'm alone. While I'm not expecting the lap of luxury I need some space to cook, store and shuffle around in. Lesson learned the hard way.

Cheers, Ren.

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