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Test Ride Review Of The Suzuki Inazuma 250 - By Ren Withnell said :-

Forres and The Cairngorms JDV said :-
Another great account of your travels Ren.

Keep em coming............:)

Test Ride Review Of The CRF 250 L - By Ren Withnell Tyler Yandow said :-
Yes, this is a street legal bike with off road potential. Dirt roads are a blast and single track is very do-able. But this bike does not climb rocks and uneven terrain like my CRF230F did. Although not up to WR250R standards, the 230F was a mountain goat compared with the 250L. At the very least the 250L needs lower gearing to be truly useful off road here in the eastern US. However as most of my riding is no longer technical, the 250L suits me fine. I can load it up with camping gear for the weekend and she doesn't complain a bit.

Every summer I do a dual sport ride with guys who ride mostly BMW's. They vary in size from 650 to 1200cc. When we get into class IV roads and trails the little Honda is so much easier to handle than a loaded 500 lb. bike it's not even funny. So it takes me a few more minutes to get home. So what.

I replaced the stock fuel tank with one holding 3 gallons so I'm good for about 200 miles without worry. The narrow seat is not great but still better than many street bikes. So what's not to like about the 250L? Not much. It brings a smile to my face every time I throw a leg over the seat. Unless you need a serious off road machine, it is hard to go wrong with the 250L.

The Fort William Loop Ren - The Ed said :-
Gonna need a bigger van soon...

The Fort William Loop JDV said :-
If you do rob, count me an dippy in

The Fort William Loop Rob said :-
And I am still grinning. Going to see if I can get another deal for next year as well.

Not Even Scotland Linda atkinson said :-
Great read Ren

Big Miles Through Scotland Jeanette said :-
You only seem to be adding the silly photos of me!
Great ride that day. Amazing roads. Would recommend them to anyone :)

Not Even Scotland Jeanette said :-
I always behave sensibly when waiting in queues! Love the pic!

Not Even Scotland Daisy said :-
Fantastic reading, look forward to your escapades, you really draw us in to your journeys. only downside to them is we werent actually there to enjoy them with you x

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