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Keeway RKS 125 Review 2013 Sharon said :-
Aww Marie it is a shame you are having such a bad experience with your Keeway. Many bikes not limited to those of Chinese origin can experience initial problems when first leaving a dealerships. I have had friends with makes such as Kawasaki etc that have had teething problems when new. Your dealership should sort out those problems for you. Hope it gets sorted soon for you.

I can only speak of my own personal experience and so far that still remains very positive. I have just recently returned from a trip to Scotland on my Keeways RKS 125. It covered nearly 1300 miles and as I was with bigger faster bikes my little bike had to do most of those miles with its revs almost to the max. It never missed a beat and ran perfectly the entire trip.

Have a been lucky and got a particular good one? I suspect not because more and more people seem to be changing their views of Chinese bikes being crap these days.

Keeway RKS 125 Review 2013 Marie said :-
Well....Keeway rkv125!!

The looks...Is outrages..Tyres not super small, seat very comfortable,and very easy to drive. It does give you the feeling that your not
driving a 125cc but it feels like your driving a 200cc. It is pretty nice as a 125cc bike.

But, having my keeway 125 for the 4th day now it makes me feel like stupid.


Here is the why... In the first day, 5 minutes after I had taken out my keeway from the dealer, the engnition just dropped dead. No beam lights, no power nothing. Ok that was only fair, since it wasn't the bike's fault as such, it was the dealer's! But the worst part is, that for the 2nd time my bike just couldn't accelerate and it appeared that there were something wrong with the back wheel / Clutch / and something from my bike was smelling like smoke. i'm no genius I only know how to drive a bike.

Long story short, I suggest that DO NOT BUY any of the chinese bikes since they have been and will be shitty bikes for fucken ever.Keeway is no match for Honda, Yamaha and kawasaki. The keeway is just pretty from the outskirts...but crap from the inside.

Anyway...That is my opinion from my stupidly experiences with this stupid bike.


Review Of The Shark S800 Helmet - By Sharon Parker Sharon Parker said :-
Hi Karen, I have to be honest with you one thing I would never buy used is a helmet. For one you do not know if it has ever been dropped. You might not see the damage from the outside but the protective internal structure could have been compressed and damaged. Secondly a helmet as on average a recommended life span of only 5 years. Helmets will have the date of its manufacture somewhere on the helmet, either on the chin strap or as is the case with Shark inside the lining of the helmet. So Karen I would check the date on your label in case this helmet is over 5 years old. However even if in date I would if I were you reconsider wearing a second hand helmet. Sorry this is probably not what you wanted to hear but a helmet is the one things that needs to be in a perfect condition to enable it to stand a chance of save your life if the need should ever arise.

Review of the Honda NT 400 BROS - By Ren Withnell Bart said :-
Hi do you (or anyone else here) know the person responsible for the mentioned site (http://homepage.eircom.net/~hondabros/)? I'm based in Ireland and was wondering if he/she could help me with one Bros...

Review Of The Shark S800 Helmet - By Sharon Parker karen said :-
just bought a used one for $35.00 hope it will be ok... so pretty and matches my 750 honda with a purple buterfly theme... now thats whats important...lol jk
btw the center chin vent seems to stick... is that normal?

Test Ride Review Of The Suzuki Inazuma 250 - By Ren Withnell struttie said :-
my best bike in over 50 years 0n the road. Great stability, economy and comfort. My only alteration was to add mirror extenders.

Test Ride Review Of The Suzuki Inazuma 250 - By Ren Withnell maz said :-
good review.....

very true in saying if u hv overcum your ego n showmanship
, this is d bike to hav....

reliable, simple, efficient, user n pocket friendly.....

Review of the Honda NT 400 BROS - By Ren Withnell Charles said :-
Here is a web site specific to the Bros with all the mechanical parts, how to change them, where to buy them and a lot more. I hope it helps.

Not Even Scotland brian g said :-
Brilliant that, enjoyed reading about your escapades..

Not Even Scotland Ren - The Ed said :-
It's the magic of the camera that never lies Rob.

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