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Kwak Ninja H2 - Supercharger! Getting There Lincolnshire Again Aug 2014 Is The Future Smaller? O'neal Pro II Knee Guards Review Stress Relief And A Little Self Praise For Once Spare Parts for the Keeway RKS 125cc Scotland, 1300 miles on a 125cc Knaresborough And Home Soaked In Newcastle


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Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Doug said :-
I've loved singles, having started on a CB100N, through a CB250RS then a pile of IL4s, before going back to a '63 AJS M18, '92 Enfield Bullet 350cc, '04 Bullet 500ES and my current ride, a '94 Suzuki LS650P.

With the last two I've done a fair bit of motorway commuting, and the "find a lorry, sit behind it" served well on the 500 Bullet. The throttle pretty much is just a volume/vibration control once you're over 60mph on the cast head engines but it was happy to sit there for the 30 mile stretch, twice a day for a couple of years. I would have thought the newer offerings would have been less vibey, so I really need to try one for myself. Can't say the fuel injection floats my boat though, and the prices aren't the bargains the carbed models were. Ah well.

Loving the site, slowly working my way through all of the articles - keep it up :-)

New Tyres - By Ren Withnell Kel said :-
My local tyre places loves to retell the story of the guy on his classic brit bike. new tyres, bike just polished, set off and lobs it across the roundabout. he tried to put a claim in against the shop even thoh they had witnesses saying they had warned him.

Kwak Ninja H2 - Supercharger! Ren - The Ed said :-
OH YEAH! Imagine that...140mph on a 125. I think it would self-dissemble!

I'm sure you worked out I meant 140 MPG...miles per gallon...DOH!

Knaresborough And Home Ren - The Ed said :-
Eh up Pegmonkey. If you do get here you already know a few folks and we'll all show you around.

Kwak Ninja H2 - Supercharger! JDV said :-
140MPH 11 BHP 125 !!! GOOD GOD MAN, SELL ME THAT ENGINE..........;)

Knaresborough And Home Pegmonkey said :-
I just hope one day, I can cross the pond and take a ride on the wild side. ;)

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review shijin david said :-
I love classic 500 desert storm

Stress Relief And A Little Self Praise For Once Paul S said :-
Thank you. In a word, uplifting.

From an old beginner. :-)

CBF 250 - My New Bike! Daf said :-
I'd be very interested in more information on reconditioning the valves/replacing valve seats. I've got 36,000 miles on mine, and before I bought it I don't think the clearances had been looked at... So the valves may not be as gas tight as they used to be. So a video would be really helpful, thanks Dave. Out of interest, what is the expected lifespan on these engines??

CBF 125 Fuel Pump Removed Sameer said :-
hy there, thanks ,the topic was very helpful as m having same problem and wanted to know if i could replace my cbf 125 2010 fuel pump with some other bike pump if it does works as cbf 125 fuel pump is sealed and once blocked u cant really do anythng, thanks

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