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Brief Ride On A Honda Innova 125 - By Ren Withnell Phil said :-
It's been great reading all your comments. I own a 2003 carb'd Innova with 23k miles and it's been fantastic. With regards to speed and mpg, mine when I bought it 8mths ago achieved 66mph on the clocks sitting upright and 72mph if layed flat/prone. True this both directions and was the same each way. I keep a log on Fuelly dot com of my rides and to date over 1,366 miles I've averaged 140.5mpg with a best of 161.2mpg. I fill up at the same Shell garage on 95RON unleaded. A 100mile tank range is possible but I refill when it starts flashing the last bar on the digital fuel gauge and that's usually about 86miles. The fuel gauge I find is approx 12miles per indicator bar with the last one giving a further 20miles before the tank is empty.
Mine can sit at 60mph happily, and reach 65-68mph 95% of the time bar a strong headwind or hill. I tend to limit myself to about 55mph as it just hums along nicely at that speed!
I test rode an exact same 2003 model Innova as mine with just 8k miles on(as opposed to mine with 23k miles) and the difference in performance was staggering! It refused to go over 50mph and took much longer to get there, so I can safely say they get better with use. I suspect those with minimal and short journeys need a good decoke.
Handling is great, despite skinny tyres it can go round corners at decent speeds, suspension is very basic so bumps and potholes are your enemy! I use Heidenhein at £30/£25 each at Wemoto and can't rate them highly enough. Very decent tyres.
Choke operation is basic, increasing fuel richness but not raising the revs/idle so stalls easily. Best is to start it then let it warm up for 30seconds and ride gently for the first minute to avoid throttle hesitation. Being air cooled its quick to warm up.
I have a Honda top box on mine, can fit a helmet in it. Its rack bolts to the grab handle. An excellent addition top boxes are. Storage under the seat holds tools, chain, puncture kit, pump, spare inner tube and tire levers.
If I knew how good these bikes were before I bought my early model I would have bought a new one at around £2,200 OTH. But I've become attached to mine now despite it's only average condition to look at.
Valve adjustment is simple and easy. I run a one grade hotter ngk spark plug all the time so cruising at 50mph+ doesn't overheat the plug.
Things I don't like.
The headlight and the tungsten bulb is very poor. Ok spread but just too dim.
Plastic panels can rattle, I've run electrical tape along the joins to stop it. Not pretty but works.
Tubed tires are a pain to fix punctures and being skinny it's easy to nip the tube refitting it.
Mirrors are ok but could do with being another 1 inch further out.
Suspension is 'crashy' over bumps and pot holes.
Overall I and hugely happy with it tho. Great little bikes. I've got a Ducati Monster and Honda VFR but still enjoy the Innova.
If you check out twitter feed #125Innova you can see my mods and things I've done to it. My Fuelly page is
Where you can see my up to date mpg results. Today is 30th Sept 2014 for reference.

Test Ride Review Of The Suzuki Inazuma 250 - By Ren Withnell said :-

Motorcycle Camping List - By Ren Withnell Ren - The Ed said :-
Doug...your emergency toilet sounds like one bad, rough and thoroughly unpleasant day...eeeeeewww!

The gf takes wet wipes for a "wash". I like the Alcohol hand cleaner idea, when cooking it'd be nice to know at least my paws are germ free it nothing else.

As for the fairy lights this very weekend we both struggled with the regular torch, too bright in one spot, no light elsewhere. My worry though is how much space would a pack of fairy lights take up? Maybe the narrow "string" lights could pack up real small. Hmmmm got me thinking there.

Short Update Review On Keeway RKS 125cc - April 2014 Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Neil. Just so you know, the Keeway now has over 9,500 miles on it. We've fitted a new chain and sprocket and a new rear tyre recently. This is all to be expected on any bike as I'm sure you know with riding off-roaders! Other than that be sure to keep it serviced, particularly oil and tappets. Sharon's still loving it and it is still behaving itself and looking good.

Keeway Front Sprocket Ren - The Ed said :-
Doug, you know what...it's defo a possibility! The keen eyed among you will notice the pattern JT sprocket is in fact 14 tooth as opposed to the 13 tooth original. The gf wanted to see what difference this made.

I am lucky, I have a friend at the bike club who is an engineer and I'm certain he'd be able to "turn" the recess, indentation for us. I also work at a company with several lathes and operators who would scoff at how easy this would be.

I think we might just give it a shot, just so the gf can see what happens to the bike with the different gearing.

Cheers Doug!

Keeway RKS 125 Review 2013 Ren - The Ed said :-
Fahim, the RKS 125 (UK model at least) has tubes. Of this I am certain as we fitted a new tyre to Sharon's bike this weekend!

Keeway RKS 125 Review 2013 fahim said :-
RKS 125 cc is it tubeless or not?????

Motorcycle Camping List - By Ren Withnell Doug said :-
I would add...
Wet Ones. Handy for a quick freshen up before crawling into the sleeping bag, or cleanup before eating.
Alcohol hand gel. Cleanup, and fire starter.
Dental floss. As well as tooth duty, handy for kit repairs - tent, sleeping bag, clothes etc. Take a needle too.
Duct tape, paracord, brass wire. More repairing goodness.
Bin bags or if room, rubble sacks. Sit on them, wear them, put things in them, cover things with them. Also emergency roadside toilet for when the Immodium fails when cycling around the Somme. Don't ask.
Pack of cards. Small notepad and pen.
Small string of IKEA LED fairy lights. Just a personal fave, not as harsh as a lantern or torch, and lasts ages.

Short Update Review On Keeway RKS 125cc - April 2014 Neil said :-
Thanks for the update on your RKS. I bought a 2014 RKV based on the first review and some other research about the history of Keeway/benelli and their manufacturing facilities. I've had the bike for a week, so I'm still in the running-in phase with only 230 miles on the clock.

I have a trials and motocross riding background but with places suitable for riding becoming harder to find I have decided to make the switch to a road bike.

The RKV seems to be good value for money so decided purchase the bike over a used YBR 125. There is a Chinese bike stigma but when I'm out on the road it doesnt matter :D

I'm sure the prices will go up when people catch on

Keeway Front Sprocket Doug said :-
No chance of having someone pop it on a lathe and make the indentation for you?

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