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CBF 250 Carb Issue Part Two Short Update Review On Keeway RKS 125cc - April 2014 France Day 20 Early Morning Traffic Types Will I Achieve My Goal of 2014 Miles This Year.... ??? - April 2014 Replacing CBF 125 Head Bearings (Tapered All Balls USA) Resting In Ambleteuse France Day 19 - Campsite Conundrums Too Far For 125s? Looking For Luxury

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Latest Posts

CBF 250 Carb Issue Part Two Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi John

For those who don't know, Latchy is a friend who also owns a CBF 250 and his runs perfectly. John, I agree it's a sensible notion - BUT - Latchy's bike is running just fine and there's an old saying, if it ain't broke don't fix it. It's possible that by removing his carb he could create a whole hill of trouble for himself and I don't want him to risk that.

Now...if there's anybody out there with a spare CBF 250 carb lying around, do let me know!

CBF 250 Carb Issue Part Two john de ville said :-
Swap the carb with latchys?.................if Latchys is running right then it should in principle make your engine run right......if it runs the same then its not the carb........just saying loik.

CBF 125 Fuel Pump Removed Norman said :-

Once the pump is blocked it's done for. The fault is usually described as kangaroo hopping. Mine on the other hand was a max speed of 50. After quite a few days of trying to find the fault it ended up getting slower and slower till it stopped after 5 miles. It was then the wax had almost completely block the outlet.

I also had other faults at the time so they were confusing the fault finding.

I am only getting 90mpg and, other than riding style, the only thing left to try is a replacement pump as my theory is as follows.

The pressure regulator that should keep the pressure at 43psi (3 bar) is faulty and the pressure is high. As the injector is fired for a set time the excess pressure is causing too much fuel to enter the cylinder and engine is running a bit rich. Not enough to cause a noticeable problem other than lower than expected mpg.

What do you think?

CBF 125 Fuel Pump Removed Norman said :-
The cbf 125 does have a fuel pump problem but it's more down to design and the tank.

The filter in the pump is non-serviceable. The inside of the tank is coated to protect against rust etc. It seems that the problem could be the ethernol content of the fuel degrades the coating forming a waxy substance that finds it in to the filter blocking the flow.

I've not had that problem as far as I know but I did have a lump of waxy substance block the tank outlet preventing the fuel getting to the pump.

The answer seems to be fitting a small inline filter between tank & pump. This can be changed as required.

CBF 250 Carb Issue Part Two Tom McQ said :-
This sounds like the hell I've been to.

CBF 250 Carb Issue Ron said :-
I have been thinking about this tickover problem and can't come up with a definitive answer. However, a few things you might consider:

The bike runs well in all situations bar tick-over, and even then only under certain conditions, so not much would seem to be wrong! I doubt an electrical problem personally because all else seems fine. However, is the spark plug the right type and new? Cheap to eliminate this idea.

The throttle stop and throttle cables have been checked, but make sure that when the twist grip is "shut" the butterfly really does hit the throttle stop. Push / pull cables should both have slack so you are sure the throttle isn't being held open slightly. Similarly the "choke" cable and mechanism.

Idle mixture is only significant at tick-over, not at mid and high revs. This bike won't tick-over when cold. The standard 2 1/4 turns out of the idle mixture screw is a general setting - try a 1/4 turn (or more) either way with a warm engine and see what the revs do.

Its easy to suggest these things but of course I have no idea if they are relevant!

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Ren - The Ed said :-
Hi Ron.

It's really good to see that some people actually read my blog. It warms the cockles, thank you.

It's the vibes on this bike that spoiled my ride. I am fully open to the idea I had a bad experience and not all Enfields will be like the one I rode. I really would welcome the chance to ride another, preferably well run in and used.

Other than that it's full of character and the motor could pull a caravan.

Royal Enfield 500 Classic Test Ride Review Ron said :-
I too have test ridden an RE Classic at my local dealer and agree generally with your description of it. The rider pegs are a little too far forward for me being reminiscent of a Harley Sportster rather than a 1951 Matchless 350 single (my personal "Wustlethorpe").

However, I found the bike a big, positive surprise on a fast dual carriageway, being comfy and capable of rolling on at 60mph plus without significant vibration, I thought. Given my choice of bikes for comparison you may suggest I am used to vibes but no, I don't like excessive motor shakes to intrude on my comfort or worry me as to the potential life span of the engine internals. Oh, and if you want to experience vibes, try a Meriden era Bonneville - vicious by comparison.

Perhaps I was lucky, but a Classic is on my list of bikes to buy one day. For the moment though I too am enjoying a "little" CBF250 - a breath of fresh air in world of pretentious machines I think.

Enjoying your blog!

Will I Achieve My Goal of 2014 Miles This Year.... ??? - April 2014 Drew said :-
Sounds like you're having a great time. I wouldn't pressure yourself to constantly improve though. Just ride the bike lots and it will happen. You'll realise you are riding better. Focus on enjoying the ride and your time out.
My bike has just done 26,000 miles. Not all perfect, some bloody dreadful. But all enjoyed. I ride alone when trying new things, take the pressure off and no bloody comments when it doesn't flow
The main thing is you on your bike. Where you want to be

Will I Achieve My Goal of 2014 Miles This Year.... ??? - April 2014 Tom McQ said :-
You are doing more miles on that bike than many sportsbike riders do in a lifetime of ownership!! This summer should provide you with lots more riding time and by the end of the year I think you'll be feeling PERFECTLY confident and no longer thinking about everything - it'll all become quite natural after that.

Only thing I would suggest, is that you practise for the not so pleasurable side of biking - when things go wrong. Practising emergency stops will pay big dividends later.


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