Camchain and tensioner seen up close in a cutaway bike engine


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Rev. Mick! said :-
Also in the late 70’s early 80’s I travel with senior commissioning engineer to look at control packages for lathes and milling machines (U think) the company was Fujitsu!

28/01/2024 21:46:52 UTC
Ian Soady¹ said :-
Ah Mick, the old Allen-Bradley programme logic controllers (PLCs) with their ladder diagram programming methods. Never actually used them but did design interfaces to them from the DEC PDPs used for scheduling etc - probably on the selfsame production lines. Although later than you having come to computers rather later in life, the lines being used for Rover 200s amongst others.

29/01/2024 10:27:41 UTC
Rev. Mick! said :-
There used to be a whole office in the Lucas Bryce factory that just made the cards which were punched with a series of holes. This was feed into a large cartridge thing. Hopefully in the right order and these controlled the operations of that machine. Usually hydraulically or pneumatically.

29/01/2024 19:27:48 UTC
KiwiJeff said :-
Bring your snow shovels to British Columbia Upt' plenty of use for them here. Closest vehicle I could find to a motorcycle here for a photo I haven't seen one motorcycle on the road yet. Ren would probably consider them a bit soft as he would no doubt figure out a way to ride his motorcycle all year! Can't see these beauties being much use on the streets of Bolton however?
Posted Image

29/01/2024 22:43:04 UTC
Upt'North ¹ said :-
Gotta love a skidoo. Or is it a Skidoo.
I'm on my way, keep it snowy until I arrive.
Ethel, "pack me one-piece smalls".
I haven't been on one of them since Finland many years ago. It's weird riding down the high street on such a contraption, definitely not very English. Very discombobulating.
Enjoy it KJ.

29/01/2024 23:08:37 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
There's one surface I have yet to master on powered two wheelers and that's snow (and ice). I have tried it because I'm obviously a roughty toughty biker type but I have an annoying habit of falling off. In a place like Canada where they get snow I'm sure with practice and stabilisers and padding and lots of luck I could master keeping upright for as much as 10 metres.

I quite fancy a skidoo but as you say KiwiJeff, I can't imagine Bolton council being too chuffed about me using tracked vehicles on their roads. I'm not sure how the police would take to this kind of vehicle either. If I recall correctly may of these skidoos are 2 strokers - a situation that would need fixing. I wonder if I'd get a CB500X motor in one.

30/01/2024 07:50:38 UTC
KiwiJeff said :-
Ren, People driving four wheel drives with snow tyres struggle to stay on the road here so I can't see motorcycles ever being useful in a Canadian winter. All snow mobiles (skidoos)I have seen in the States and Canada over the last 15 years of winter visits have been four strokes I think two strokes were banned about the same time they banned two stroke outboard motors for boats. NZ still allows two stroke outboards and I enjoy starting my Yamaha 90 hp 3 cylinder, 3 carby, water cooled two stroke outboard at the boat launching ramp and smoking out the area that's full of nice clean new quiet, civilised four stroke outboards! I owned and rode quite few Jap two strokes in the 70's and still hanker after a Yamaha RD400,they were quick little bikes. Right that post will probably get me banned but you cant deny they were great bikes and you mentioned two strokes first! The Suzuki 750 waterbus was another great two stroke loads of torque and a quick bike rode a couple of those a few miles too.

31/01/2024 01:19:25 UTC
Ian Soady¹ said :-
He never bans anyone.....

31/01/2024 11:44:39 UTC
Ian Soady¹ said :-
Re snow & ice - I used to commute through anything in my young(er) and foolish(much -er) days. I remember one instance when I went to work on my Yamaha 125 trail bike - arrived at the office to find the snowplough had left a bank all along the side of the road. Nothing daunted, I attacked it at right angles and deftly lofted the front wheel over the bank. Of course what I hadn't taken into consideration was that the other side was covered in sheet ice so went down on my ear.

Another time was coming home on the Commando in a blizzard. Some silly pedestrian pressed the button on a light-controlled ped crossing in front of me - the lights turned red so I braked gently and again found myself on my side. There was a layer of black ice under the fresh snow and I could barely stand up. Fortunately a helpful passerby helped me get the Norton upright and I continued my ride home. The worst bit was descending a slithery slope with a 10 ton lorry seemingly attached to may number plate.....

31/01/2024 12:30:07 UTC
nab301 said :-
@ KiwiJeff , you'll have to post up a video of that 3 cyl Yamaha outboard on the launch ramp , there's something about 2 stroke triples that I've always liked.
As for the RD400 , that was a bike I would have loved back in the day but was far too sensible to purchase at the time and nowadays are well out of my (financial reach)!
Upt'North (from memory) may have something derogatory to say about them!

( I did however at the time purchase an East German MZ two stroke..)
As for riding a two stroke bike on snow , I never had much luck in the 70's and 80's , although the type of snow makes a big difference and in the 2010/ 2013 period we had a lot of snow and I found 4 strokes much easier to ride , dare I say it Fun.


31/01/2024 14:34:43 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
I always knew Canada was a civilised country. Good on them for getting rid of them nasty smelly noisy 2 stroke things.

31/01/2024 20:08:46 UTC
nab301 said :-
Ren , while I don't use my MZ on the road , I do fire it up occasionally , great for fumigating the shed....

05/02/2024 16:49:16 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
It's people like you nab301 who can devalue a whole estate with actions like that.

06/02/2024 07:58:08 UTC
KiwiJeff said :-
Bad news Ren Skidoos are two strokes! Having been around them for years on skifields they are very civilised, dont "ring a ring" like a good two stroke, don't smoke at all, don't smell so presumably meet all USA/Canada emission requirements. They had me fooled but they weren't motorcycles so I didnt take much interest. Two strokes win on snow mobiles for the obvious power to weight reasons so are used by most manufacturers. Even worse news one of the only four stroke snow mobile manufactures, Yamaha, has now moved to two strokes to compete! I've ridden a Yamaha snow mobile back in 2007 and it was a 1000cc 80 mph beast but the lake wasn't frozen enough to put it through its paces so we just rode at more civilised speeds through forest tracks. Wasn't on it long enough to get confident or competent and had my 13 year old son on the back so was a sedate ride. Rorty, powerful beasts though!

06/02/2024 21:10:37 UTC
ROD¹ said :-
All this talk of these unmentionable engines is making me nostalgic for the smell of Castrol R30!!

06/02/2024 22:17:31 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Gosh darn it! Well that's Canada off my Christmas card list. Pfffft.

I imagine they'll probably be using some fancy direct injection system to help meet emissions regulations. I wonder... I might try and find out if I ever get time... do these direct injection 2 smokers have "proper" lubrication like a marine 2 stroke?

07/02/2024 07:41:14 UTC
nab301 said :-
Ren , much closer to home , Langen Motorcycles, EFi with computer controlled oil injection , apparently no smoke or smell and yours for around 35K Stg. I'd definitely have one if I came into money... I wonder how much a kidney is worth.


07/02/2024 15:50:12 UTC
Ren - The Ed¹ said :-
Them Langens need a dose of winter salt, some home made handguards and a touch of rust. Far too pretty for me. And as for the 2 stroke. ...WHY?!?!?!

09/02/2024 08:15:21 UTC
nab301 said :-
Thankfully , Spring has finally sprung (similar to 2018), I thought I'd been transported UPT North when I looked outside this morning
Posted Image

01/03/2024 12:15:37 UTC
nab301 said :-
And today , the thaw...
Posted Image

02/03/2024 12:07:24 UTC

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