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Snod's Blog
Another rider's trials and tribulations in the world of motorcycling. He's a bit like us here at Bikes And Travels - DIY bodging, fixing stuff, riding places and doesn't require a 1,000,000cc motorcycle to get there.

Rupert And Fanny's Big Bike Trip
All the way from Africa to China and a bit more beside.

Wild Camping - Funny
A humourous collection of tips for the would be wild camper...

Townie V The World!
He's 58 and getting ever closer to making his own motorcycle journey. I like this guy because...because he's not super sponsored or funded by some big name. Because he's hacking, bodging and working out his own bike modifications. Because he's a do-it-yourself kind of guy. I think it's because he's doing stuff that I want to do and the way I'd like to do it. I'll be keeping an eye on this fella - and I wish him the best of luck.


What An RAF Pilot Can Teach Us About Being Safe On The Road
Although the article is aimed at cyclists it's a VERY enlightening read. Well worth understanding.

Rokon 2 Wheel Drive Motorcycles.
Not exactly the ideal road bike BUT I love it! Off road, small 200cc motor, low power so presumably high torque and 2 wheel drive! Simple as well so humans can fix it. 

Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator.
Want to know how you'll fit onto a certain model of motorcycle? These guys have an extensive list of dimensions and a brilliant piece of simple graphics that will show you your riding position. It's worth going and just having a play.



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Kaecarter said :-
I’ve got a Honda cbf 125cc, I know nothing, but I have been told that the injector has a module on it that needs remapping to the bike as when starts cold it idles for a minute, cuts off, repeats but then third time starts and when warm no problems?! But I have been told this remapping is £300-£400?? Wtf… can anyone help with advice please
28/01/2024 09:43:14 UTC

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